Useless Shit I Hate: The George Zimmerman Trial

trayvon-shooter-mugIn case you have been living under a rock for the past year or so, there is currently an “important” trial going on in the state of Florida.  A man named George Zimmerman is being tried for the murder of a young man and this particular case has been very high profile due to some racial undertones and self-defense laws.

ANYWAY, to catch you up on the basics, in February 2012 George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin, a seventeen-year-old African American kid.  The Wikipedia article on the matter is incredibly detailed and worth a read:

So why do I hate this trial do you ask?

Well I am about to get really nasty and overly opinionated here, so please forgive me.

But I hate this trial because of all the unnecessary social issues that it is brought forth.

America, this trial has little to nothing to do with race, but because it is being skewed that way, it has created a whole slew of issues and a media firestorm that I am just sick of hearing about. Here is the thing, if this was a skirmish between two people of the same race, we would have never heard a word, but because there are two races involved, it has become sensationalized and a household name.

I am not trying to rag on any race here, but the sheer ignorance and protest that has arisen based on Trayvon’s behalf has made it a bigger issue than it ever needed to be. Wearing shirts in honor of Trayvon to awards shows as a celebrity isn’t helping matters much. (I am looking at you Jamie Foxx.)

Tweets about how you are going to go on a killing spree if Zimmerman is found not guilty are not helping either.

Here is my question.


What prompted you, as a people, as a community (I am speaking about African Americans) to care about THIS case? What about all of violence from the gangs in cities? What about the random drive-bys and robberies that happen in project communities all over America? We never hear this kind of outrage about these things.

Is it because Zimmerman is a “white man,” because the truth is, he isn’t. He is hispanic. So stop blaming other races for the problem. Stop making this into a racial issue.


On the same token, this whole case has brought up a lot of talk in the gun-favoring community.

My opinion of guns: not a fan. I believe in self defense and hunting and what not but I do not see a reason for a civilian to own an AK-47. See my point?

Anyway, the pro-gun community has gotten all up in arms about this because of self-defense laws, etc.


The fact of the matter is, Zimmerman should not have shot the kid. Period. But the fact that he was wrong, and did, is not national news.

There are events happening all over the world that we should be focusing on. How about the situation in Egypt, or Turkey? Just saying.

So yeah I am over it.

So shut up already people. Thank god the defense rested today because I am so damn tired of hearing about it.

And if you are offended by this post. Oh well. Sorry I’m not Sorry.


Useless Shit I Hate: Stick Figure Family Bumper Stickers

stickOk ok ok.

So I know that this subject is going to be one that A LOT of people can relate to. Ready?

There are few things more infuriating than being cut off while driving peacefully down the road. I absolutely hate that. But do you know what I hate even more? Getting cut off while driving peacefully by a Dodge Caravan with those god forsaken stick figure family stickers all over the window.


Here is the thing, I am all about family pride. Families are cool. But I honestly want to punch babies every single time I see a perfect mom, and a perfect dad, and the little parade of kids all grinning on the back window of cars.

First of all, I am willing to bet that you all hate each other. Having an outward display of how happy you are as a family clearly means that you are having serious problems and someone is either getting abused or has a mistress. I mean, really.

Secondly, there is no need to show pedophiles how many kids you have in the car AND their approximate age. When your kids get kidnapped, and pretend not to know why, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Third, I could give two fucks about what kind of pets you have. I love animals. HUGE FAN. But the fact that you have a pet fish  because your middle child is allergic to dog saliva is not really something that anyone cares about. I am allowed to say this because I have a pet fish.

Is it bad that I see these families of two or three kids and just want to peel one of them off and put it upside down so that the kid develops some kind of complex? I mean seriously.


So if you have these stickers, you realize that most people hate you for it and basically you aren’t fooling anyone and you should probably go ahead and get that divorce you have been dreaming about for so long.

Just saying.


Useless People I Hate:

You probably are reading this title and wondering what in the actual fuck I plan on ranting about now.

Well, this young, infant site of ours received our first comment! Isn’t that thrilling!?

As I opened up the comments section of our WordPress backend and awaited the glory that was sure to appear, I was INSTANTLY disappointed to find a spam comment from this fucking clown.

So you spam posting asshat, this entry is for you.


First of all, your “name” is not worth mentioning since you decided to make it “Alexander McQueen Clutch,” so I have decided to address you by your even more ridiculous email address. Mr. McQueen was a fashion GENIUS and would be appauled at your terrible affiliate spam tactics attempting to sell bootleg copies of products from his design house. Fun fact about me kiddo, I live for fashion, so don’t even try to peddle your wares on me.

Second of all, do you actually think that commenting on a completely non-related post about useless shit will make you a dime? Get off my site with your shitty attempts at trying to earn cash. This site exists for the admins to earn cash, not useless, more than likely foreign, annoying scum like you.

Third. Here is a thought, maybe you should learn to speak the language that you are attempting to type in. Honestly, I don’t even know half of what the fuck your website says even means, and I was an English major. Take a look at this sentence:

“very handful of internet websites that take place to become in depth beneath, from our point of view are undoubtedly very well really worth checking out”


Enough said.

So, as you can see, we have no time for you here at So go play in traffic.

And no, I will not be approving your comment. Go fuck a goat.


Proof That 99% of America is Useless

2013-07-05_19.19.07Jesus Christ.

Do we have to make the fact that this store is in the hood any more obvious than it already is by its dingy exterior and surrounding slums.

Advertising. You are doing it wrong.





Useless Companies I Hate Comcast:

Useless Companies I Hate Comcast:


So let’s talk about this Useless company.  So I come home from work the other day to find my service was interrupted.  Odd I just paid a bill 2 weeks earlier.  So I pick up the phone to see what is going on.  Sure enough the automated system tells me I need to speak to a representative.  Great here goes the next hour of my life.  The annoying automated voice tells me someone will answer my call between the minutes of October and January.  Well I have no television or internet so I put my phone on speaker and get ready to hibernate for the next few months.

A good hour goes by and finally I have billing on the phone.  After providing my information the lady informs me that my service has been suspended for a past due amount of $144.00.

Me:  “ma’am, I am looking at my bank statements for May and April and I show payments of $340.00 and $300.00”

Comcast:  “One moment while I check”

Comcast:  “I am showing $340 was paid in April and $128 was paid in May and June is $144 which is the past due”

Me:  “$128?  Ok I am looking at my statement right now and there is no charge but $304.28 from Comcast in the month of May”

Me:  “ I will gladly fax you over this information but in order to do so I am going to need you to reconnect my services as I have paid the bill”

Comcast:  “ I am unable to restore your services.  Please hold while I connect you to a department that can help you”

Just wonderful, I am on hold again so back to speaker phone.  I have been on hold trying to fix this now for over an hour and a half.  While on hold this time I made some burgers, got a shower and had dinner.  We are now up to 2 and a half hours and I have talked to a rep for 5 minutes at most.  Needless to say I am now FUCKING irritated.  Finally I get another rep.  Again after verifying my information:

Comcast:  “Would you like to pay with credit or check sir”

Me:  “Pay? I have over paid you in the month of May.  I can fax you my bank statement however I want my services on”

Comcast:  “This is collections sir all I can do is take a payment”

Me:  “No billing sent me here to have this issue resolved”

Comcast:  “Please hold for billing”

What the FUCK!!! Now I am holding for billing again.  Great 3 hours and back to the beginning.  Please just shoot me.  How damn useless are these people.  Seriously, no wonder the hold times are insane.  Nobody has a clue what they are doing.  How intelligent do you have to be to work here?  Have you completed the first grade?    We are now on 4 hours when finally yet another rep.

Comcast:  “ Sir I am showing a past due amount of $144.00”

Me:  “I am sick of explaining this so listen close as this is the last time.  I have my statements showing where I paid $304.00 in May.  Not $128.00.  The overpayment covers this month’s bill.  Reconnect my services I will fax you the information.”

Comcast:  “Sir I cannot reconnect you without a payment.  We don’t have that option”

Me:  “Get me a supervisor!!!”

Supervisor:  “Ok sir please fax the statement to xxx-xxx-xxxx and I will cut your services back on”

Me:  “Thank god finally”

5 hours to get service back on.  At this point I am ready to go to sleep.  I flip on the television to relax after the whole ordeal.  At 12:01 am off goes my service again.  Of course the office is closed and I don’t have the energy to fight with them again.  First thing in the morning back on the phone.  At this point I am 100% livid.  Another day full of being on hold is ahead of me.  This time I only want a supervisor.  Another hour goes by and I get a rep finally.  After yet again explaining my situation I get a supervisor.

Supervisor:  “Sir we are unable to reconnect services”

Me:  “Bullshit you did it for 3 hours last night”

Supervisor:  “Hold please”

What? This moron is a supervisor and doesn’t know how to fix this?  I am at a complete loss.

Supervisor:  “Sir we have not resolved the issue with your payment yet”

Me:  “Right but you have the fax with my information showing I paid it”

Supervisor:  “Um fax?  How would I know”

Me:  “WOW!  I don’t have time for this get me your boss.  I am done talking to you”

The next supervisor finally restores my services after about 4 hour of fighting with them again.  Assuming that this issue would not get resolved yet again I took the 45 minute drive to my local office with my bank statements to ensure my services would stay on.  What a mistake 2 hours in line for them to look at me and ask me what I wanted them to do.  I walked out in disbelief.  This has now been going on for 5 days and I still have nothing resolved.  I refuse to pay the bill!  I will call everyday if need be.

Readers spread some Comcast hatred in the comments as they are the most useless cable provider I have ever encountered.


Useless People I Hate: The Williams Sisters

ughFor my inaugural post, I wanted to discuss something that I love: Tennis.

I love the fuck out of Tennis. My mother raised me to be a professional tennis player. I started taking lessons as a spritely four year old and moved from group lessons to private lessons with a Brazilian man I could not understand but played several Grand Slam tournaments, and then on to playing for my school teams.

I got more excited about professional tennis events than I did about college football, which being from the south, says a lot. Despite the fact that the man was covered in hair, I was going to marry Pete Samprass.

Basically, if you haven’t gathered this, tennis at one point, was my life.

I remember when America started dominating the tennis game a few years ago. I remember the debut of Venus on the scene, and how she was changing the game because of her background and all of that. Big whop, the girl is from Compton. Whatever. I just remember her winning, and winning, and winning again.

Then came Serena. And she won a bunch. Woooooooooo.

And everyone loves them and they are America’s Sweethearts, and hooray for them.

So here is the thing: I can’t fucking stand them.

First of all, while I recognize they are tennis machines, when they play, it sounds like some type of really aggressive rape scene that is about to lead up to an episode of SVU. No one fucking sounds like that REALLY playing tennis. Get real.

Second of all, I am really fucking tired of having to look at Serena in her bright, disrespectful outfits. Listen girl, no guy wants to see anything that you have to offer because you are probably more manly than 90% of them. Just saying. Cover your ass up because I have seen it more than I have seen Lena Dunham’s on episodes of Girls.

And lastly, FUCKING RETIRE. I am so tired of seeing their names. You have had your 15 years of fame. Now move on and let some other people play and win. People hate you.

So yeah, there it is. Fuck the Williams sisters and what they have done to my beautiful sport.


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